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My name is Dorota Cichocka AKA DoraTiss. I am an artist and surface pattern designer living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I studied at the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland where I had a chance to gain experience with oil painting, model drawing and sculpture. When I moved to the Netherlands I was immersed into the new visual language. One day when I was strolling along a local market I came across bold printed fabrics that turned out to be hand printed in Ghana. On that day I began my own journey into creating my own printed fabrics and collections. I started to design my own patterns and experiment with screen printing. I was fascinated by all the creative possibilities that technique gave me and at the same time I was charmed by the richness of textures I could find in natural fabrics. 

My process often begins with drawing abstract or organic shapes using simple tools like pencils, markers and ink. Subsequently I transfer them into printing screens or onto the computer to create playful and colourful patterns and images. My inspiration comes mainly from nature, landscapes, natural elements as well as...films.


My collection of hand screen printed textiles consist of natural fabrics, mostly linen and cotton printed with water based non-toxic inks. When left undyed cotton and linen come in beautiful natural colours, ivory, tan, grey, ecru and in variety of structures. Although I love to print on undyed fabrics sometimes I also experiment with natural plant dyes and inks. 

As a designer I also enjoy creating surface patterns for both fashion and interiors. You can find my latest work by following me on instagram @doratiss Much of my work is available for purchase and licensing, and I am also available for custom work and collaborations. If you are interested, please contact me through my email or contact form. I look forward to working with you and bringing your ideas into life!

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